Premium Appenzell Dry Gin

Complex and layered. Enticing aromas of warm spices blend with notes of orange and juniper. It is soft on the palate with a hint of pepper. And for those who enjoy a more unique, fruitier flavour, hand-picked fir tips and elderberries lend GIN 27 Woodland its truly exquisite fruity note. Produced from only the finest ingredients using an original recipe. Distilled and bottled with the utmost care and passion in Appenzell. Perfect for delicious drinks.

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Professional bartenders Peter Roth, Christian Heiss and Markus Blattner were heavily involved in the creation of Gin 27. They helped to fine-tune the recipe and contributed excellent tips that were used by the Appenzeller distillers. Together, they created this delicious spirit – a gin with an unmistakable character.

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A recipe for success at home and abroad – Gin 27 from Appenzell is a regular serious contender for spirit awards.

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Gin 27 is perfect for mixing drinks.

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Warm spices play with orange and juniper on the nose. Hand-picked fir shoots and elderberry provide a special, fruity note.

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